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10 C H A P T E R O DOUBLE NE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET S o luti o n : Plan Good Storage Options from the Beginning In keeping your environment consistently ready for visits, one of the most important aspects of good organization is appropriate storage. Rather than considering storage after you purchase equipment or materials, think about how you will store items before purchasing them. It is a good idea to periodically walk into your child care setting and try to see it as if for the first time. Pretend you are the visitor. It is your job to evalu- ate the appropriateness of the child care environment. The individual mate- rials and equipment may be great, but if there are too many things around, clutter can adversely affect your evaluation. Remember that one of the primary elements of responsible early child care is providing room for children to grow. Think about your space in terms of how it helps your business grow. Think about ways you can effectively rotate your equipment and materials. Introduce activities that suit your space rather than overwhelm it. Family Child Care Homes: Creative Spaces for Children to Learn by Linda J. Armstrong can assist you with its creative ways to store equipment and materials so everything is not out and accessible at one time. You will find that recycling allows you to use materials longer and reduce your replacement costs. Cas e Study 2: Susan Invites Everyone On Board Susan loves children. Not only has she raised two of her own, but she has also provided care informally for neighborhood children for years. Now that her own two children are enrolled in school, Susan has decided that she wants to open a family child care program in her home. She feels that doing so will COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL