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DOUBLE Your “Ready, Set, Go” List, continued TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET — — Are safety gates secured and in place where required? — — Are all required alarms (for example, smoke and carbon monoxide) in place and in working order? — — Is there sufficient light? — — Are all the room and water temperatures appropriate? — — Are the materials used by children age appropriate, properly main- tained, and regularly checked for broken or missing pieces and chok- ing hazards? — — Is the equipment used for children (for example, cribs, high chairs, car seats) regularly checked for safety or recall information? — — Is the child care environment free of any environmental hazards, such as lead or secondhand smoke? — — __________________________________________________________________________________ — — __________________________________________________________________________________ — — __________________________________________________________________________________ P r ep L i s t f o r C hil d r e n — — Have you talked with the children about visitors to the child care setting—who they are and why they are here? — — Have you set aside special items or created a “Visit Box” that children can use to occupy themselves during a visit? — — Have you arranged your space to allow you to fully participate in a visit while still supervising the children in care? — — Have the children practiced what to do when a visitor arrives? — — __________________________________________________________________________________ — — __________________________________________________________________________________ — — __________________________________________________________________________________ COPYRIGHTED C. Hurley and Sharon From Family Child Care Guide to Visits, Inspections, and Interviews by Donna MATERIAL Woodward, © 2013. Published by Redleaf Press, This checklist may be reproduced for provider use only. 9