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8 DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Your “ Rea d y, S et, Go” L i st C lea n li n e s s a n d Sa n itati o n — — Are rugs on which children crawl and play clean and hazard-free? — — Are floors and counters free of debris and dirt? — — Is the food preparation area sanitary? — — Is children’s food stored at appropriate temperatures? — — Are the bathrooms clean and hazard-free? — — Are washable toys and equipment regularly sanitized? — — How does the child care environment smell? — — Can you detect the scent of mold or mildew? — — Are sleeping mats and bed linens appropriately clean and sanitary? — — Are family pets accommodated in ways that are sanitary and odor-free? — — __________________________________________________________________________________ — — __________________________________________________________________________________ — — __________________________________________________________________________________ H ealth a n d Safety — — Are all hazardous materials behind safety locks or at heights that make them inaccessible? — — Do all electrical outlets have appropriate inserts or covers? — — Are all exits free and clear of barriers or hazards, such as electrical cords? — — Is all equipment, including bookcases, storage bins, TVs, and appli- ances, appropriately secured? — — Is the napping area free of all hazards, such as curtain or blind cords? — — Are all windows and screens secured appropriately? COPYRIGHTED C. Hurley and Sharon From Family Child Care Guide to Visits, Inspections, and Interviews by Donna MATERIAL Woodward, © 2013. Published by Redleaf Press, This checklist may be reproduced for provider use only.