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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR Y our F a m ily - T ea m TABLET L ead Challenge: Maintaining “Visit Ready” Conditions As Susan found out, it’s not enough to “think” you are ready for a visit. You must know the requirements. Then you must be sure that your home always meets those requirements. The simple truth is that you need to operate under the assumption that on any given day you may receive an unannounced visit. S o luti o n : Create and Use a Visit Ready Checklist In business, one way operators ensure they are ready to receive clients or unexpected inspections is to use a daily checklist. If everything on a check- list is attended to, they feel assured that when they open their doors in the morning, they are ready for anyone who might visit. Use the following checklist as a starting point and add what you need so each day is visit ready. The checklist can also be downloaded from COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL 7