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6 C H A P T E R O DOUBLE NE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET As your business grows and the needs of your family change, be as flex- ible as possible. Your daughter, who may have helped you in the past, may now have obligations at school that affect the time she is available to help you: increased homework, sports, and extracurricular activities may alter her hours and interests. You may find that after a certain length of time, your household members simply grow tired of sharing their living environment with your business. If this happens, you need to be proactive and responsive to the needs of your family members and keep them at the forefront during discussions. Each family has its own perspectives on finances, space, and available time. However, if you are willing to listen and make compromises, most issues can be resolved. S o luti o n : Empower Your Own Children Whenever possible, consider ways you can allow your children to maintain their own private spaces, toys, and materials they choose not to share with your child care. This is especially important for older children, who might return from school and find that their space and materials have been made available to young children. Imagine how displaced they might feel! Sometimes it is easy to take the position that because you provide the roof over their heads and pay for the equipment and personal items in their rooms, your children should show their gratitude by sharing everything they own. However, you might want to take a moment to consider another per- spective. Children who take pride in ownership are more likely to take special care of their personal space and equipment. Allowing your children some choice about what they share provides you and them with important teaching opportunities. Demonstrate through your behavior and your willingness to discuss solutions that you respect their personal space and that problem solv- ing can be accomplished through respectful dialogue. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL