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2 C H A P T E R O DOUBLE NE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Susan has decorated and prepared her family room to accommodate small children. Even before enrolling them, she has purchased all the materi- als she could afford. When she applies for her license, she includes her own children’s toys and equipment. She believes this will help to demonstrate her readiness to provide child care. Finally, when she has determined the appro- priate amount of usable square footage, Susan includes her children’s bed- rooms as available child care space. Susan is so sure that her family shares her enthusiasm for this project that she doesn’t bother to ask her husband how he feels about having their family room transformed into a child care room. Nor does she think it necessary to talk with her children about other children playing in their rooms and using their personal toys and equipment. Feeling so excited herself, Susan just knows her family members will be thrilled to have her working at home and will simply ignore any minor inconveniences. Once Susan receives her license, she decides that she will affiliate with a family child care system in her area. The system will help her become estab- lished and provide her with referrals, technical assistance, and enrollment in a food program. Susan begins caring for a few children in her neighborhood and schedules a visit with a representative from her local family child care system. The night before the scheduled visit, Susan announces to her family that the following day is important because “they” are about to receive a visit that will help “their” business grow. Susan does not engage in a discus- sion with her family; rather, she simply tells them what is about to occur, assuming that everyone will be as excited as she is about this important step to success. Much to her surprise, the visit does not go at all the way she has expected. The family child care system visitor finds numerous problems with Susan’s COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL