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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Contents Acknowledgments ix Introduction 1 Chapter 1: The Educator’s Challenge 5 Chapter 2: Frequently Asked Questions about Dual-Language Learning 13 Chapter 3: Planning an Effective Program for Dual-Language Learners 27 Chapter 4: Learning and Teaching Language 47 Chapter 5: Working with Families of Dual-Language Learners 63 Chapter 6: Environment and Curriculum for the Multilingual Classroom 87 Chapter 7: Techniques for Teaching English in the Multilingual Classroom 99 Chapter 8: Techniques for Supporting the Home Language 119 Chapter 9: Assessment 133 Conclusion: Putting It All Together 145 Appendix of Reproducible Templates 153 Brainstorming Worksheet 154 Classroom Language Plan 158 Family Story Form 160 Parent Tips Handout 162 vii COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL u u