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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Chapter 2 Frequently Asked Questions about Dual-Language Learning A t the start of my workshops for educators, I ask them what’s on their minds about dual-language learning. This helps me gauge what they really need to learn. In this chapter, I’ll share the questions I hear most often, as well as my answers, which come from the scientific literature on bilingualism, learning a second language, learning to read, and lan- guage instruction. Is Bilingualism Good for Children? Yes, bilingualism is good for children. Research has shown that bilin- gualism improves cognitive skills. Monolingual people don’t have to think much about language. One language seamlessly integrates what they know, hear, and say. Bilingual people must be more aware of what language they are hearing and using. When listening, they have to recog- nize sounds and connect these sounds to a language in order to give the 13 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL u u