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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Acknowledgments W riting and publishing a book is the ultimate group effort, and many people play a part in the process. First, I want to thank the leaders at Redleaf Press for their interest in and commitment to this project: Linda Hein, David Heath, and Kyra Ostendorf. I am immensely grateful for my editors: Laurie Herrmann for her precise questions and her steady support, Christine Zuchora-Walske for her confident pen, and Carla Valadez for the final touches I have worked with many colleagues who have shared my passion for teaching dual-language learners and supporting their families. These col- leagues have all contributed with their questions, ideas, challenges, and wisdom. I especially thank Julie Anderson, Anita Beaton, Jackie Blahnick, Julie Buresh, Victoria Campoverde, Camila Carrasco, Catherine Cud- deback, Nery Donis, Becky Drong, Lisa Gruenewald, Marian Hassan, Kate Horst, Laura Johansson, Katie Knutson, Mary Mackedanz, Andi Matre, Kathleen O’Donnell, Gaby Ortega, Annie Pearson, Susan Rydell, Beth Sandell, Maureen Seiwert, Sandy Simar, Beth Standford, Patricia Torres Ray, Yer Vang, Carol Will, and Cory Woosley. Finally, a big thank-you to my multilingual family, who nurture me with grace and wit, always with the right words. Merci, gracias, thank you! ix COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL u u