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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Cooking with Ease: Tips and Safety Here are some ideas that will help make your cooking activities safe and successful. Before You Begin Staying Healthy • Always wash your hands when you begin cooking and anytime they become soiled. When washing your hands, make sure to use warm water and rub your hands to- gether for twenty seconds. • Read the whole recipe before you start cooking. • Wash all fruits and vegetables before using them in the recipes. • Gather all your foods and equipment before you start cooking. Organization is the se- cret to successful cooking experiences. • Keep in mind any allergies children may have. Peanut warning: An increasing num- ber of children are allergic to nuts and nut products. A nut or peanut allergy can cause diffi culty breathing and other serious health problems. Warnings about nuts are listed in each recipe as needed. Substitute ingredi- ents when nut allergies are a concern. • Include the children in everything—setup, cooking, cleanup, etc. • Demonstrate and explain how to use the equipment before you begin. • Clean up spills as they occur. This will prevent accidents that might happen due to spills on the floor. Keeping Safe • Always have a first aid kit in the classroom (one should be available in every classroom, learning center, and home). • Always consider a child’s physical develop- mental level before allowing him or her to use any equipment, especially equipment that has potential dangers. • Use proper supervision when using sharp utensils. Help children understand the need to cut away from themselves and others. • When opening canned goods, be careful of the sharp edges on the lid. • Permit only adults to remove food from the blender. • Turn off and unplug each appliance imme- diately after use. Keep appliance cords tidy and out of children’s reach. • Remember to store foods properly as listed in the recipe. 4 Introduction COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL