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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Let’s Go Outside! This online resource for kids, families, and educators includes a free search- able digital library of images and videos of animals, plants, and fish. The website also offers helpful information for educators, such as suggestions for creating schoolyard habitats and planning outdoor trips. Social Action/Community Service Online Resources Community Service Ideas is a network of online resources for child care providers. This page offers a list of community service projects for children of all ages. Do Something Do Something is a nonprofit organization providing information, grants, and awards for youth volunteers. The focus is on teenagers, but much of the information is relevant for volunteers of all ages who want to make a differ- ence in their community. A Family’s Guide to Getting Involved This page, which is part of the Nemour Foundation’s Center for Children’s Health Media’s KidsHealth site, offers an article for parents about the benefits of community service and ideas for getting involved. Help the Homeless This is a kid-friendly site operated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that answers questions such as “Who are the home- less?” and “What can kids do to help?” Kids Helping Animals This site is operated by PAWS, an organization based in Washington State that provides rehabilitation, medical care, shelter, and adoption services for both wild and domesticated animals. Kids Helping Animals is a downloadable newsletter for children with articles about kids who make a difference in the lives of homeless, ill, or injured animals. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Recommended Resources for Teachers | 131