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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Over 600 brain-building Early Childhood Education / Activities activity ideas Young children’s brains develop connections at a rapid rate, and the experiences and environment you provide play major roles in how learning takes place. Blending what is known about early childhood brain development with ideas that support careful planning, a thoughtful curriculum, and meaningful activities, this resource provides valuable information to help you help children reach their full potential. Building Brains includes • Experiences that drive young children’s growth; engage all senses; nurture social and emotional skills; enhance motor skills; and support cognitive, language, and literacy development • Information to help you apply brain research to activities as you plan your curriculum • Ideas to provide a rich, experience-based, developmentally appropriate environment “A must-have for every early childhood professional’s library!” —Charlene Gross, Director, The Oaks Early Learning Academy “Practical knowledge with facts about how the brain is developing in our youngest children and many great ideas for teachers.” —Barbara A. Backus, MS, Instructor, Early Childhood Education, Pinellas Technical Education Center “This book has come to my rescue many times while planning fun learning activities for my early childhood courses.” —Janice Sean, PhD, Early Childhood Education COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Suzanne R. Gellens has served as the executive director of the Florida Association for the Education of Young Children for more than sixteen years. She leads educational workshops throughout Florida and is the author of many articles for a variety of early childhood journals. Suzanne holds a master’s degree in special education. ISBN 978-1-60554-117-4 $29.95