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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Build Language Skills Vocabulary –– Sleeping –– Sleepy –– Waking up –– Sheet –– Bottle –– Nap Blanket Pillow Crib –– Eyes closed –– Pajamas –– Tired –– Quiet –– Noisy Questions and Things to Say “Shhh. Everyone is sleeping—Maya, Jack, and Tomás. They are sleeping because they are tired. Their eyes are closed. They have their blankets to keep them warm. We must be quiet so we don’t wake them.” Songs, Chants, and Fingerplays Song: “The Babies Are Sleeping” by Kimberly Bohannon (Tune: “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring”) Song: “Baby Was Sleeping” by Jean Barbre (Tune: “Frère Jacques”) It’s naptime. It’s naptime. The babies are sleeping. They’ve closed their eyes. They need to rest. Shh—let’s not wake them. Baby was sleeping. Baby was sleeping. Watch her wake. Watch her wake. See the baby smiling. See the baby smiling. How are you? How are you? COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Activities for Responsive Caregiving 17