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Behavior/Guidance family based prevention NEW! Practical, research-based strategies for working with children and families Understand and incorporate the various aspects of child development that contribute to later drug and alcohol abuse. This series features prevention education and early childhood specialists and provides research-based, practical, strategies for working with children and families. Each title includes an instructor’s CD-ROM and a DVD with teaching sessions. Buy the set and save almost $50! Family Based Prevention Set CD- ROM Includes five titles shown below. CD-ROMs and DVDs. #330006-X $449.95 CD- ROM Nurturing Healthy and Social and Emotional Socially Competent Development in Children Young Children Healthy and Successful Children Building Developmental Assets in Young Children Family Communication CD-ROM and DVD, 164 min. CD-ROM and DVD, 154 min. CD-ROM and DVD, 158 min. CD-ROM and DVD, 183 min. CD-ROM and DVD, 200 min. #330001-X #330002-X #330004-X $99.95 #330005-X $99.95 #330003-X Learning Discipline Use discipline as an opportunity to teach rather than punish $99.95 Understand why toddlers bite Approach biting in ways that work effectively for everyone involved. This book includes technique- building advice and an in-depth look at the developmental, emotional, and environmental causes of biting. Age focus: 1–3. Softbound, 104 pgs. This three-hour workshop includes a facilitator’s guide, video segments, handout masters, and supplemental materials. Age focus: 3–5. 3-ring binder. ESS S H E D BY ED LEAF #541839-X $15.95 Partner with families No Biting/Why Children Bite Set Includes one copy of No Biting and 25 booklets. #120061-X $34.95 Shop Online at LI S H E D BY ED PR ESS Why Children Bite #120041-X $24.95 PUB Give concerned families the important facts they need when biting incidents occur. Pack of 25 booklets, 12 pgs. each. R Complements the Learning Discipline workshop. Age focus: 3–5. Spiral, 64 pgs. LI R Dozens of activities emphasizing discipline, communication, and relationships No Biting, Second Edition #129701-X $15.95 PUB 29 Facilitator’s Guide #137201-X $164.95 Activity Book #137301-X $9.95 $99.95 PR $99.95 LEAF