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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL In encounters with technology, the reaction of many adults is, well, fear. Believe me, I identify deeply with technology anxiety. Yet even I—light years from being a comfortable-with-technology twenty-something—do not find this book intimidating. It is really quite reassuring and friendly, making the use of each tool accessible. Brian Puerling wisely encourages us to start small, begin- ning with just one new thing we would like to try. And many of his teaching ideas are far from high tech, using familiar items like digital cameras or audio- recorders but in new ways that are well within the comfort zone of the average early educator. For all the reasons I have detailed, I am pleased to contribute this foreword and to enthusiastically commend this gem of a book to my fellow early child- hood educators. I believe you will enjoy the adventures in teaching and learn- ing that it welcomes you to embark on! Carol Copple, PhD Early Education Consultant COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL xv