Learning Takes Time
Too many adults who work with children try to hurry them. Pressuring
children to hurry up inhibits rather than accelerates learning. Like
almost everyone else, children learn best when they are relaxed and
have open-ended time in which to create their own activities. They need
time to refine and anchor new skills. The Outdoor Classroom encourages
children to spend as much time as they want outdoors. The time children
have is often directly related to the freedom they have.

Children Need Physical Activity
Physical activity is necessary for children’s development and health.

Open space offers children opportunities for big movement, vigorous
social play, and explorations big and small. Their activities help them
refine motor skills and teach them how the world works.

The Role of the Outdoor Classroom

A Full Range of Activities
The Outdoor Classroom believes, “Everything you can do indoors, you
can do outdoors, and even more!” Part of the Outdoor Classroom’s
vision is that indoor and outdoor spaces constitute a single learning
environment. 10