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The Redleaf Complete Forms Kit 150 professional forms for every situation: • Planning • Registration • Parental consent • Conferences & more! Save time! Use these forms (designed with Microsoft Word) for 150 situations you may encounter, including planning, registration and enrollment, finances, parental consent, conferences, health and safety, and parent program evaluations. Just customize the forms with a few keystrokes and print them out. Find the full list of forms at CD-ROM. CD- M RO ESS R ED PR PUB S H E D BY LEAF Time-saving planning and record-keeping materials! ESS ESS PUB LEAF S H E D BY ED R LI $19.95 LI PR ED For Early Childhood Professionals #103202-V S H E D BY PR $19.95 LI R #112201-V PUB For Family Child Care Providers Business Essentials - Forms Keep Accurate Records on Professional Forms LEAF Injury Log Document injuries on these weekly sheets by recording relevant information in designated areas. Each tablet is 3-hole punched and has 55 forms. #112301-V $9.95 INJURY LOG Infant Daily Report INFANT DAILY REPORT A must-have for any infant program, parents fill out the top half of the form at drop-off. You report diapering, bottle, and sleeping information on the lower half. 3 tablets, each with 60 pages—a six-month’s supply. #112101-V $12.95 Toddler Daily Report Parents complete the top portion of these helpful forms at drop-off to update you on their child’s day. You use the quick checklists to give parents reminders and important information, including naptime, toileting, and eating. 3tablets, each with 60 pages—a six-month’s supply. TODDLER DAILY REPORT #112701-V $12.95 Weekly Lesson Plan WEEKLY LESSON PLANNER Prepare your curriculum and display it for parents to see. Organize, plan, and track the week’s learning centers, reading activities, and more, and keep parents informed on what their children are learning. Each tablet has 55 forms— a year’s supply.   #150291-V $9.95 Daily Lesson Planner DAILY LESSON PLANNER Schedule your day with this planning aid. It reflects NAEYC accreditation criteria and has space to conveniently keep track of activities, learning centers, and more. The planner is on a six-day per week cycle. 3 tablets, 3-hole punched, each with 60 pages—a six month’s supply. #112501-V $14.95 T FAX TOLL-FREE: 800-641-0115 OUTSIDE THE U.S.: 651-641-0115 U MAIL 10 Yorkton Court • St. Paul, MN • 55117-1065 9