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Resources from Jeff Johnson Practical Advice and Fun Ideas for a Satisfying Career Keeping Your Smile Caring for Children with Joy, Love, and Intention Jeff A. Johnson Manage stress, tension, or anxiety before it becomes an overarching obstacle. Jeff Johnson provides strategies and activities to help you maintain a satisfying career in the child care field. Included are profiles of professionals who have experienced burnout and survived to become stronger, better care providers. Softbound, 208 pgs. S H E D BY ESS LI R ED PR PUB #150321-U $17.95 LEAF Finding Your Smile Again A Child Care Professional’s Guide to Reducing Stress and Avoiding Burnout Smile Set Jeff A. Johnson Save when you buy both Keeping Your Smile and Finding Your Smile Again Let Them Play #135111-U $29.95 An Early Learning (Un)Curriculum Jeff A. Johnson & Denita Dinger LEAF Foster and promote playtime that is focused, purposeful, and full of learning. As they play, children master motor development, learn language and social skills, think creatively, and make cognitive leaps. Let Them Play is filled with the guiding principles that make up an (un) curriculum, suggestions to build strong and engaging learning environments, and support for those who believe in the learning power of play. Age focus: 2–6. Softbound, 240 pgs. Jeff A. Johnson & Tasha A. Johnson R ED Promoting Play, Exploration, and Discovery with Infants and Toddlers #540535-U $34.95 LI S H E D BY ED R Easy and Fun Activities and Toys Made from Stuff You Can Find Around the House LEAF Jeff A. Johnson PR R ED TOLL-FREE: #120031-U $15.95 ED LEAF 800-641-0115 OUTSIDE THE U.S.: 651-641-0115 U L ESS PUB S H E D BY ESS LI R #110901-U $19.95 PUB Make exciting toys and entertaining activities for children that teach skills in literacy, math, science, and social areas. These inexpensive projects use common items found around the house or purchased from local discount, grocery, and hardware stores. Age focus: 0–8. Softbound, 136 pgs. Spend quality time with the infants and toddlers in your care. In a humorous and personable voice, Jeff Johnson shares touching stories and strategies to help you build strong emotional environments, nurture meaningful relationships, and promote child-centered, age appropriate learning experiences. Age focus: 0–2. Softbound, 176 pgs. ED I S H BY PR Jeff A. Johnson with Zoë Johnson FAX LEAF Babies in the Rain Everyday Early Learning T PR #107401-U $19.95 ESS PUB Create affordable, durable classroom toys from materials found in your home or a local hardware store. Two experienced child care providers explain how you can use this equipment to build skills in a variety of subjects, including language, science, art, and music. S H E D BY Age focus: 6 mos.–6 years. Softbound, 232 pgs. LI ESS Easy and Fun Activities and Toys from Everyday Home Center Materials PR Do-It-Yourself Early Learning PUB R ED PR #135101-U $14.95 ESS PUB Dozens of proven techniques for coping with stressful situations and diagnosing and preventing burnout! You’ll also find guidance in discovering your life’s true purpose—whether in the early childhood field or beyond. Softbound, 176 pgs. LISH E D BY LEAF MAIL 10 Yorkton Court • St. Paul, MN • 55117-1065 29