Early Childhood Education / Activities
Essential Preschool Activities
Enhance your curriculum with a variety of engaging, open-ended learning activities
that can be used throughout your classroom. These activities help children be
creative, learn new skills, and build relationships with their peers. They also
encourage you to think about how and why each lesson can be used to enhance
children’s learning. 200 Essential Preschool Activities includes
• Classroom layout ideas that support learning
• Ideas for setting up creative centers for dramatic play, discovery, and
sensory exploration
• Group lessons that enhance academic growth, improve social skills,
create hands-on experiences, and promote musical creativity
• Arts and crafts activities that support creative learning
• Original board games, thinking games, verbal games, and movement
games • Family involvement activities to build effective relationships between
home and school
Julienne M. Olson teaches early childhood special education for
the Rural Cass County Special Education Unit. She works with students
between the ages of three and six in a classroom that includes children
who have disabilities and typical peer models. Julienne holds a master’s
degree in early childhood special education.

ISBN 978-1-60554-104-4