viii Contents
Places for Physical Development Themes 52
Collaborate for Another Look at Your Environment and Routines 54
An Inspirational Story: Our Dream Became Our Curriculum: A Story of an
Outdoor Play Space, by Laurie S. Cornelius 55
Practice What You’ve Learned 65
Assess Your Environment, Rules, and Routines 65
Notes about Your Current Environment 71
Chapter 3
Guiding Children’s Play and Learning 73
Beginning Reflections 73
What about Techniques? 74
Goals for Guidance 75
Ensuring Time for Childhood 75
Who Has the Power? 78
Look Closer at Challenging Behaviors 82
Beyond Behavior Management 83
Recognize Children’s Eagerness for Relationships 86
Consider the Recursive Cycle of Development 89
An Inspirational Story: Chelsea’s Teacher, by Christina Aubel 90
Practice What You’ve Learned 95
Notes about Your Approach to Guiding Behavior and
Supporting Relationships 95
Chapter 4
Putting the Child Back in DAP 99
Beginning Reflections 99
Teacher’s Ideas versus Child’s Interest 100
Observation Is the Heart of the Matter 102
Skills Required for a Child-Centered Curriculum 103
Observation and Recording Skills 107
Developing an Eye for Complex Play in Your Program 113
An Inspirational Story: Igniting a Passion for Learning through Uncovering
Children’s Interest, by Kristie L. Norwood 115
Practice What You’ve Learned 121
Notes about Your Current Observation Practices 121