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DOUBLE TAB TO ZOOM ON PHONE OR TABLET aCtivity 1.3 Snack Goldfish Cracker Story dESCriPtion How many fish were left? The following story, or a similar one created by the teacher or a child, can encourage chil- dren to think mathematically as they reenact the story with their snack crackers. Then a man caught two fish and put them in a bowl to take home. Once four goldfish were swimming in a pond. Can you show what that would look like? A little girl and her friend were fishing in the pond, and they each caught a goldfish. How many fish were left? What do you think happened next? MatErialS goldfish crackers napkins (preferably blue) How many fish were left? Child’S lEvEl The girls felt sorry for the fish, so they threw them back into the pond. Soon another fish joined the group. Both preschool and kindergarten children find this activity challenging and interesting. The teacher can vary the difficulty of ques- tions in the story based on the level of the children. How many fish were there now? A hungry turtle ate one of the fish. more 12   chapter 1 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL