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DOUBLE TAB TO ZOOM ON PHONE OR TABLET • Children may add extra cookies to their sheet and re-count to find the total. • Some children will count the empty spaces to find out how many more cookies they need to fill the cookie sheet. • Children may subtract as they give away some cookies and then count how many they have left. ModifiCationS for SPECial nEEdS or SituationS No specific modifications are anticipated for children with special needs. Teachers could add order forms to the area for more advanced children or suggest that they make price tags. MathEMatiCS ContEnt Standard ConnECtionS This activity aligns primarily with Number and Operations. It incorporates concepts of one-to-one correspondence, counting, set comparisons, addition, and subtraction. Because the activity also allows children to model a mathematical problem, it aligns to the Algebra standard. CoMMEntS and QuEStionS rEl atEd to MathEMatiCS ProCESS StandardS Problem Solving: Do we have enough choco- late cookies to fill your cookie sheet? Reasoning and Proof: Troy says there are more chocolate chip cookies than chocolate cookies. How do you know, Troy? Communication: Tell me how many cookies to bake so we can each have two. Connections: Can you write down my order please? I want two chocolate cookies and one chocolate chip. (Connects to Literacy) Representation: What will my order look like if I add two more chocolate chip cookies? understanding and applying mathematics standards for young children   COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL 9