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DOUBLE TAB TO ZOOM ON PHONE OR TABLET aCtivity 1.1 Dramatic Play Area Cookie Sheets and Cookie Magnets dESCriPtion Child’S lEvEl Many teachers include a bakery in the dra- matic play area. For this activity, colored tape is used to divide cookie sheets into boxes, and magnetic cookies fit into the grid spaces. Children are encouraged to put objects into a one-to-one correspondence relationship as they seek one cookie for each box on the cookie sheet. This activity is designed for children who are working on one-to-one correspondence; however, the materials are self-leveling, so children with more advanced skills may use them as tools for counting, addition, and subtraction. what to look for • Many children will place one cookie into MatErialS cookie sheets divided into a grid with colored tape cookie magnets made from plastic cook- ies and magnetic tape or commercially available each box on the cookie sheets in a one-to-one correspondence relationship. • Some children will count the cookies. • Some children will compare the quantities of cookies on two cookie sheets. more 8   chapter 1 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL