Effective Classroom Strategies Cu r r i c u l u m / A c t i v i t i e s PRIME TIMES, SECOND EDITION A Handbook for Excellence in Infant and Toddler Programs Jim Greenman, Anne Stonehouse & Gigi Schweikert Achieve quality care and education in your infant or toddler program. Topics include developmental issues, special needs, staffi ng, and training. A CD-ROM offers reproducible documents, policy statements, and training handouts. Softbound, 352 pgs. #158801-N $44.95 CD- ROMCD - ROM PUB LISHEDBY R E DLEAF P R E SS EDUCARERS DVD SET Resources for Infant Educarers Care for infants to the highest degree with infi nite wisdom from Magda Gerber. Learn why you should let infants develop on their own timetable, observe them for who they really are, and let them freely explore. Set of three DVDs, 70 min. total. CD- ROMCD - ROM #120051-N $89.95 SECOND HOME A Day in the Life of a Model Early Childhood Program Claire Copenhagen Bainer & Liisa Hale Learn effective strategies to use in your child-centered program. Second Home provides a “you-are-there” window into the daily activities at a dynamic, culturally diverse early childhood program. A DVD with on-site vignettes demonstrates teaching concepts and highlights each age-specifi c learning environment. The corresponding book guides you through the research behind teaching methods and discusses topics such as training, routines, and observation. Age focus: 0–5. DVD, 84 min., and softbound book, 296 pgs. #135201-N $49.95 CLASSROOM MOMENTS Video Clips to Enhance Early Childhood Observation and Training Capture activities in real early childhood classrooms with this interactive DVD representing six topics: prevention in action, positive guidance in action, learning opportunities, developing observation skills, pre-intervention, and interventions. A downloadable trainer’s guide is included. DVD. #135501-N $89.95 CARING FOR INFANTS AND TODDLERS, SECOND EDITION Derry J. Koralek, with Amy Laura Dombro & Diane Trister Dodge This comprehensive training guide features modules that directly correspond to the 13 functional areas for CDA competency standards. Softbound, 366 pgs. #127011-N $54.95 CHILD-CENTERED CURRICULUM Infant and Toddler Care Follow infant and toddler caregivers and teachers as they plan child-centered curriculum in a center-based care environment by observing children in their everyday experiences. DVD, 23 min. Closed-Captioned. #403309-N $118.95 MAIL U 10 Yorkton Court • St. Paul, MN • 55117-1065FAXT TOLL-FREE: 800-641-0115 OUTSIDE THE U.S.: 651-641-0115 37 CD- ROMCD - ROM CD- ROMCD - ROM Also See: CDA Prep Guide (PAGE 18) PUB LISHEDBY R E DLEAF P R E SS CD- ROMCD - ROM