C h i l d D e v e l o p m e n t MAIL U 10 Yorkton Court • St. Paul, MN • 55117-1065FAXT TOLL-FREE: 800-641-0115 OUTSIDE THE U.S.: 651-641-0115 Understand the Stages of Child Development UNDERSTANDING CHILD DEVELOPMENT SET Save more than $10 when you order one each of Understanding Infant Development, Understanding Toddler Development, and Understanding Preschooler Development. UNDERSTANDING INFANT DEVELOPMENT 96 pgs. #540771-N $19.95 UNDERSTANDING TODDLER DEVELOPMENT 104 pgs. #540788-N $19.95 UNDERSTANDING PRESCHOOLER DEVELOPMENT 120 pgs. #540764-N $19.95 UNDERSTANDING CHILD DEVELOPMENT Margaret B. Puckett, EdD, & Janet K. Black with Joseph M. Moriarity Enhance your skills in supporting children’s physical, psychosocial, and cognitive development. This e-book series on childhood development provides practical, easy-to-understand guidance and includes tables showing developmental milestones and stages, a discussion of the role of the caregiver in each developmental domain, and vignettes of families with children representing developmental challenges and successes. PUB LISHEDBY R E DLEAF P R E SS CD- ROMCD - ROM CHILD DEVELOPMENT THEORIES PowerPoint Presentation This review of 100 years of child development and parenting theories includes those by Erikson, Maslow, Brazelton, Montessori, Kohlberg, and others. The 30+ slides and copy-ready handouts are both Mac- and Windows-compatible. CD-ROM. #135901-N $59.95 CD- ROMCD - ROM THEORIES OF DEVELOPMENT I Developmental theorists Piaget, Freud, Erikson, Gesell, Skinner, and Vygotsky, are included in this overview of theories in action. DVD, 27 min.Closed-Captioned. #150411-N $118.95 Series now available exclusively as #159999-N $47.95 Q: What is an e-book? A: It is an electronic book, typically delivered over a computer network Check the handy boxes to make ordering your favorites easy! #999999-N 23 Redleaf Press e-books are available as PDF docu- ments that are also compatible with your Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, PC, Mac, or iRex Digital Reader. E-books are a green, convenient way to take your favorite titles anywhere you go. Redleaf Press e-books are e-mailed directly to your inbox—there are no shipping and handling charges for Redleaf Press e-books.