Introduction ■ 5 modified from the study findings. You will find in Twins and Supertwins that the changes enhance readability while sustaining the perceptions of the study participants. Twins and Supertwins: A Handbook for Early Childhood Professionals is valuable for everyone involved in early childhood education. Teachers, program administrators, and families can benefit from the informative strategies identified to enhance the well-being of twins and supertwins during their preschool years. The information in this book can enhance your confidence in teaching twins and supertwins by helping you iden- tify the most suitable practices for multiples. Once this knowledge finds its way into pre-service professional preparation, teachers can arrive at preschools ready to meet the needs of multiples. Perhaps then some of the questions previously asked by college students will no longer be asked. Or perhaps new questions will be raised by educators, especially by those with three, four, and sometimes seven sets of multiples attending their preschool programs at once. Now, attendees who learn through my presentation that besides being a mother of twins, I am a grandmother of twins, regularly ask, “What it is like to have twin grandsons?” Twins_4th pages.indd 5 4/24/10 2:29:43 PM