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DOUBLE TAB TO ZOOM ON PHONE OR TABLET Appendix 2 Ten Dimensions of Organizational Climate Assessment Tool For a number of years we have adapted the work of Paula Jorde Bloom to create an assessment tool programs can use to get a “weather report” on their program (see description of this strategy at the end of chapter 5). Ten Dimensions of Organizational Climate Dimension Definition Collegiality Extent to which staff are friendly and supportive and trust one another; peer cohesion and esprit de corps of the group. Professional Growth The degree of emphasis placed on personal and professional growth. Supervisor Support Measures the presence of facilitative leadership that provides encouragement, support, and clear expectations. Clarity The extent to which policies, procedures, and responsibilities are clearly defined and communicated. Reward System The degree of fairness and equity in the distribution of pay, benefits, and opportunities for advancement. Decision Making The degree of autonomy given to the staff and the extent to which they are involved in center-wide decisions. Goal Consensus The degree to which the staff agree on the philosophy, goals, and objectives of the center. Task Orientation The emphasis placed on good planning, efficiency, and getting the job done. Physical Setting The extent to which the spatial arrangement of the center helps or hinders staff in carrying out their responsibilities. Innovativeness The extent to which the center adapts to change and encourages staff to find creative ways to solve problems. Adapted from Blueprint for Action: Achieving Center-Based Change through Staff Development (p. 190) by Paula Jorde Bloom. Lake Forest, IL: New Horizons. Copyright © 2005 by Paula Jorde Bloom. Reprinted with permission. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Appendix 2  327