MAIL U 10 Yorkton Court • St. Paul, MN • 55117-1065FAXT TOLL-FREE: 800-641-0115 OUTSIDE THE U.S.: 651-641-0115 43 Play and Learning Go Hand-in-Hand! MAGIC CAPES, AMAZING POWERS Transforming Superhero Play in the Classroom Eric Hoffman Alleviate adults’ worries about superhero and weapons play and allow children to do what they do best—play! This unique resource emphasizes redirection, storytelling, dramatic-play materials, antibias curriculum, and setting clear limits. Softbound, 224 pgs. UNPLUGGED PLAY No Batteries. No Plugs. Pure Fun. Bobbi Conner Find hundreds and hundreds of battery-free, screen-free, chirp and beep-free games and fun variations that stretch the imagination, spark creativity, build strong bodies, and forge deep friendships. Ages 1–12. Softbound, 432 pgs. A SHOW OF HANDS Using Puppets with Young Children Ingrid M. Crepeau & M. Ann Richards Use puppets to support emergent literacy skills, introduce children’s literature, and assist in lesson-plan development. Instructions are included for designing, constructing, and purchasing puppets. Softbound, 232 pgs. THE OUTDOOR PLAYSPACE NATURALLY For Children Birth to Five Years Sue Elliott, editor Challenge your perceptions about early childhood outdoor playspaces. Photographs, case studies, and chapters fi lled with helpful insight illustrate and inspire the transformation of generic and synthetic playspaces into those that are natural, dynamic, and engaging. Softbound, 224 pgs. Join Redleaf Press on Facebook! THE IMPORTANCE OF PLAY Play should be a part of every child’s day! Promote its importance by highlighting the skills learned through play, including cooperation and negotiation, mastering physical skills, appreciating beauty, exploring senses, and more. Approved by NAEYC. 18” x 24” laminated poster. PLAY A Vygotskian Approach Elena Bodrova, PhD, & Deborah J. Leong, PhD An excellent introduction to Vygotskian theory, this program clearly illustrates the belief that social interaction is necessary for learning. Through play with others, children can move from what they know to what they can learn. Many examples of shared play, coaching, modeling, and thoughtful comments to extend play are included. DVD, 26 min. #312401-M $24.95 #409501-M $31.95 #138271-M $89.95 #414542-M $17.95 #143901-M $16.95 #708101-M $114.95 PUB LIS S H H EEDBY R E DLEAF P R E SS PUB LISHEDBY R E DLEAF P R E SS CD- ROMCD - ROM 18” x 24” laminated poster!