ONLINE wwww.RedleafPress.orgPHONE8AM - 5PM CST Monday - FridayS TOLL-FREE: 800-423-8309 OUTSIDE THE U.S.: 651-641-05084 EASY WAYS TO ORDER18 Family Child Care Essentials for a Successful Program Two-volume set includes CD with forms and letters as well as a DVD of Caring and Learning THE CREATIVE CURRICULUM® FOR FAMILY CHILD CARE, SECOND EDITION Diane Trister Dodge, Sherrie Rudick & Laura J. Colker Completely updated and expanded, this comprehensive, developmentally appropriate family child care curriculum will lead you through the process of planning every aspect of caring for children and partnering with families. Packaged as a two-volume set along with 64 laminated Learning Games tied to the curriculum’s routines and experiences; a DVD of the 1991 classic video, Caring and Learning; and a CD with copies of forms and letters to parents (in English and Spanish). Ages 0–12. Two softbound books, each approximately 250 pgs. #171035-M $99.95 Includes DVD NAFCC BENCHMARKS TO QUALITY Standards for NAFCC Accreditation to Measure Provider Progress and Identify Recognition Milestones Designed to enhance your self- study process and to identify measurable progress as you work toward earning accreditation from NAFCC, this useful tool identifi es steps to fully meet all standards and addresses eligibility and documentation requirements. Spiral, 94 pgs. #551164-M $39.95 MANY RIGHT WAYS Designing Your Home Child Care Environment Kathy Modigliani & Ellen Moore for the Family Child Care Project See a variety of rich child care settings, all underscoring the uniqueness of each home, group of children, and program. Children and providers illustrate hundreds of ways to design quality home-based environments. Bilingual Spanish/English DVD, and handbook, 48 pgs. English: #111701-M $34.95 Spanish: #111801-M $34.95 CARING FOR CHILDREN IN FAMILY CHILD CARE Derry G. Koralek, Laura J. Colker & Diane Trister Dodge An ideal training program! This two-book set addresses the core professional competency standards of accreditation and credentialing programs and includes helpful suggestions. Two softbound books, 408 pgs. and 432 pgs. #103801-M $79.95 FAMILY CHILD CARE ENVIRONMENT RATING SCALE, REVISED EDITION Thelma Harms, Debby Cryer & Richard M. Clifford A thorough revision of The Family Day Care Rating Scale, this widely used program quality assessment instrument includes many improvements that make it even more reliable and easy to use. Ages 0–12. Spiral, 88 pgs. #111001-M $19.95 OBSERVATIONS FOR THE FCCERS-R DVD Thelma Harms & Debby Cryer Learn how to use the FCCERS-R. This training package includes an interactive DVD, an instructor’s guide which explains how to present various training activities and provides answers for commonly–asked questions, and a workbook with training activities. DVD, 35 min., guide, 12 pgs., and workbook, 16 pgs. #539301-M $62.90 ADDITIONAL WORKBOOKS Each participant will require a personal copy. #539001-M $3.95 CD- ROMCD - ROM CD- ROMCD - ROM + CD- ROMCD - ROM CD- ROMCD - ROM