inTroducTion 5 a productive and successful way so you can effectively educate, support, and model high-quality standards in child care. Using This Manual This manual is a reference guide. It is set up in modules. Each module discusses the skills you need to handle specific situations that may occur during your vis- its. Home visits are only one part of your job. This manual demonstrates how important preparation and follow-up are. In fact, they are often the keys to a successful visit. All of the skills in this manual require practice, practice, practice. Keeping the manual handy and referring to it often will help you to master these skills. Use the manual as a reference for the following situations: Preparing to address a difficult situation• Experiencing hostility in dealing with a provider• Trying to motivate an unresponsive provider• Fostering a team spirit between yourself and a provider• Experiencing frustration because your message is not being heard• Feeling unsafe in a particular environment• Trying to solve a problem• Delivering an unpleasant and difficult message• How the Manual is organized Each module in this manual is designed to stand alone. This allows you to refer to a specific module that addresses a particular situation. Each module begins with an overview and learning objectives, followed by a case study demon- strating the skills used by home visitors on the job. Modules also include self- examination activities and useful checklists that help you prepare for and follow up on home visits. Real examples throughout each module help you put to- gether ideas and identify ways to apply the skills discussed. Use these examples to relate to actual experiences in the field and to evaluate your performance in similar situations. HVM_guts.indd 5 1/26/10 5:52:25 PM