2 family child care business curriculum: legal and insurance issues You can present a class using the PowerPoint presentation, or you can use the PowerPoint slides as handouts. You may rearrange the order of the PowerPoint slides or combine sections of different topics in one class. The handouts may be used in place of the PowerPoint or in addition to the PowerPoint presentation. The pretest/ posttest can be used to measure the level of knowledge of participants as well as your ability to effectively communicate the content. Use of PowerPoint Slides and Handouts You may use any of the PowerPoint slides and handouts in your classes or webinars as long as the copyright notice on the bottom of the PowerPoint slides and the credit line on the bottom of the handouts remains intact. Any other use of the PowerPoint slides, handouts, or other content from this curriculum is not permitted without written permission from Redleaf Press. Disclaimer No matter how much experience you have as a trainer, you should begin each class by telling the audience that you are not giving out professional advice. You are shar- ing general business knowledge, but are not advising individuals. You should also tell the providers in your audience to consult with the appropriate business professional (tax professional, lawyer, insurance agent) if they need professional assistance. Here is an example of a disclaimer you may want to use: “Before I begin this class, I’d like to issue this disclaimer. I am not providing legal, accounting, tax, financial, or other professional services. I am teaching general business principles. If you need professional assistance for your particular situation, consult a lawyer, accountant, tax professional, or insurance agent.” FCCBC_L&I_guts.indd 2 6/1/10 3:41 PM