1 This curriculum is for individuals who are training or want to start training family child care providers on how to run a successful business. Whether you work for a child care resource and referral agency, Child and Adult Care Food Program sponsor, or support organization or you are a consultant, family child care provider, or instructor, this curriculum will help make you a better trainer. With the help of this curriculum, you will be able to answer questions from fam- ily child care providers on business issues, even if you are not offering a formal train- ing. No previous experience or special training is necessary to use this curriculum. Legal and Insurance Issues is divided into four classes. The Overview Session is a summary that covers the topic in one hour. Classes 1 through 3 go into more depth on legal and insurance issues and offer you the option to teach the topic as a two- hour or three-hour class. Each class contains the following components: • Learning objectives • Class agenda • Reading list • Presentation script • PowerPoint presentation • PowerPoint presentation slide notes • Handouts, including a pretest/posttest and class evaluation • Trainer’s resources, including commonly asked questions and answers, activities, and additional teaching tips Introduction to the Family Child Care Business Curriculum: Legal and Insurance Issues FCCBC_L&I_guts.indd 1 6/1/10 3:41 PM