ixContents Chapter 7 Adding representation to Further enrich Play 113 Photos and Documentation Displays 118 Writing for Children through Scripts, Anecdotes, and Dictation 120 Add Writing and Drawing Materials to Play Experiences 122 Create a Climate of Acceptance and Scaffold Children’s Writing Efforts 128 Encourage Mathematical Representation 138 Chapter 8 Incorporating Standards and Goals in Children’s Play 141 Balancing Play and Standards 142 Seeing Standards and Goals in Action 143 Understanding Standards in Natural and Intentional Ways 144 Enhancing Play to Incorporate Standards 149 Observe for Assessment Purposes 150 Observe to Determine Next Steps 152 Add Challenging and Achievable Goals to Sustain Children’s Interest 155 Help Others See Standards and Goals through Documentation Displays 158 Conclusion Play Works 161 Not Just Any Play 164 Appendix A Suggested Provocations 165 Appendix B Ideas for Writing Materials to Accompany Dramatic Play 171 References 183 Excerpt Credits 189 Illustration and Photo Credits 191