viii Contents Chapter 3 Planning for Play 29 Create a Well-Ordered Environment 31 Provide Materials that Will Engage the Children 34 Change Materials 38 Write Plans for Play 41 Chapter 4 Ways to Help Children Make Choices 43 Help Children Make Meaningful Choices 44 Establish Procedures for Making Choices 45 Help Children Make Open Choices 46 Place Limits on Areas 48 Use Choosing Boards 50 Make Some Choices for Children 53 Procedures for Learning Areas 57 Signals to Get Children’s Attention 58 Allow Enough Time for Deep Play to Develop 59 Chapter 5 Interacting with Children to enhance Play 63 Intentional Teaching 66 How to Get Play Started 69 Know When to Enter and Exit the Play 71 Sustain Play through Well-Timed Interventions 77 Coach and Mentor the Players 84 Chapter 6 Provoking Children into More Complex Play 89 Field Trips and Special Visitors 93 Use Books as Provocations 93 Offer New Materials 94 Consider Groupings of Children 98 Provocations for Younger Preschoolers 100 Provocations for Older Preschoolers and Kindergartners 101 Provocations and Emotions 103 The Power of Emotions and Play 106