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Classroom Assessment Scoring System®

Assess interactions between children and teachers with Classroom Assessment Scoring System® (CLASS™)

CLASS Manual, Forms, and Guide

The widely used, highly reliable Classroom Assessment Scoring System® (CLASS™) gives you an accurate way to assess teacher-child interactions—a primary ingredient of quality educational experiences that promote future school success. With versions for infant, toddler, pre-K, and K–3 classrooms, this tool establishes an accurate picture of classroom interactions through brief, repeated observation and scoring cycles, highlighting areas of strength and areas for growth useful for guiding improvement efforts. CLASS™ can help you accurately assess factors directly tied to learning—including positive and negative classroom climate, teacher sensitivity, language modeling, and behavior management.

The CLASS family of products includesCLASS Manual: a comprehensive introduction to the CLASS tool and information to help you use it effectivelyCLASS Forms: the materials (observation sheet, scoring summary, and note-taking pages needed to conduct the CLASS observationCLASS Dimensions Overview: handy reference material with an overview of the indicators to look for while observing each dimension and scoring the toolCLASS Dimensions Guide: information for anyone interested in learning why classroom interactions matter and how they can be improved with the tool




CLASS Manual, Infant
#576047 $49.95
CLASS Manual, Toddler
#572599 $49.95
CLASS Manual, Pre-K
#669414 $49.95
CLASS Forms, Infant
#576054 $30.95
CLASS Forms, Toddler
#572605 $30.95
CLASS Dimensions Guide, Pre-K
#572278 $19.95
CLASS Dimensions Overview, Infant
#576061 $30.95
CLASS Dimensions Overview, Toddler
#572612 $30.95


Pre-K, Spanish

CLASS Dimensions Guide, Toddler
#572292 $19.95
CLASS Forms, Pre-K—3
#669438 $29.95
CLASS Manual, Pre-K, Spanish
#572384 $49.95


CLASS Dimensions Overview, Pre-K—3
#570885 $29.95
CLASS Forms, Pre-K, Spanish
#575360 $30.95
CLASS Manual, K—3
#669421 $49.95
CLASS Dimensions Overview, Pre-K, Spanish
#572353 $30.95