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Take a child-directed approach to art education

Art education and artistic processing help children understand their world. Art is fun, but it is also mentally engaging. Art allows children to experiment and explore, to see what they can create. Their creative self-expression enhances their self-esteem.

This comprehensive, must-have resource will help you implement a developmentally appropriate art program. Written for pre-service and in-service early childhood professionals in child care, preschool, and kindergarten through third grade settings, the text takes a child-directed approach to art education. Blending theory and research with practical applications, this book discusses important topics and issues related to creative experience, such as art and the developing child, special needs and diversity, brain research, and children's artistic development. Also discussed are planning, developing, implementing, and assessing art along with strategies for integrating art across the curriculum. The updated eighth edition gives greater emphasis to professional standards with NAEYC, DAP, and NAEA standards integrated throughout the text.

Art and Creative Development for Young Children, Eighth Edition, includes:
  • Abundant classroom-tested art activities and recipes
  • A chapter devoted to understanding the role technology can play in children's visual art appreciation and production
  • Sample letters to families that make it easy for teachers to share classroom experiences with children's parents and caregivers
  • A focus on the process approach, demonstrating its importance to creative development
  • A discussion of play, music, and movement as they pertain to children's creativity
  • An Opportunity for Teacher Reflection boxes that encourage you to think about and discuss complex issues facing young children
  • Hints with time-saving suggestions, and Something Extra boxes highlighting additional information on topics such as "Tailoring Art for Children with Special Needs" and "The Reggio Emilia Experience"

  • New to this edition:
  • Learning Outcomes highlighting what students need to know to process and understand the information presented in the chapter
  • A greater integration of NAEYC, DAP, and NAEA professional education standards throughout, and a Standards Correlation Chart provides a complete list of the standards disussed throughout the book
  • TeachSource Video boxes to helps students relate key chapter content to real-life scenarios, and critical-thinking questions provide opportunities for in-class or online discussion and reflection
  • Did You Get It? quizzes to help students measure their performance against the Learning Outcomes in each chapter
  • Digital Downloads icons identify Lesson Plans at the end of each chapter that can be downloaded from CourseMate and used in the classroom
  • Updated throughout, the text includes a new historical discussion of the Froebelian roots of art in early childhood programs, thoughts about the benefits and logistics of displaying children's artwork, an overview of responsive teaching and teachable moments as they relate to art for young children, and a synopsis of play therapy as it is used with young children
  • Brain Connection boxes highlight current topics in brain research and how the research is relevant to you

  • 342 pages