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A Show of Hands: Using Puppets with Young Children

A Show of Hands: Using Puppets with Young Children

Authors: Ingrid M. Crepeau, M. Ann Richards
Product Code: 312401
ISBN: 978-192961036-5
Format: Softbound
Softbound, Illus. $24.95 Qty: 

Do you ever wish you had an extra pair of hands in the classroom?

Debunking the notion that puppets are strictly for play, A Show of Hands presents innovative ways to use puppets as developmentally appropriate teaching tools. Seven in-depth chapters show how you can use puppets to

  • support emergent literacy skills
  • introduce children's literature
  • manage the classroom, and
  • assist in the development of lesson plans of the teacher and class.

An ideal resource for teachers from preschool to early primary, A Show of Hands also includes helpful instructions for designing, constructing, or purchasing your own puppets, and for using them with children who have special needs.

Download sample puppets here!

232 pages

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Review: Texas Child Care Quarterly - October 15, 2003
Need a few extra hands in your classroom? Puppets can help you out—with nurturing skills, managing children, introducing concepts, and building themes and lesson plans. Are you among the teachers who resist using puppets because you aren’t convinced they are powerful classroom tools? This book will change your attitude—and give you those extra hands.
Review: The Puppetry Journal - October 15, 2003
[A Show of Hands] is a large, lively, well-organized, very well illustrated guide to using puppets with young children in the classroom. Rather than treat the puppet as an occasional and entertaining diversion in the classroom, the authors show how teachers can use puppets effectively to achieve classroom goals and address the myriad needs of their children. A thorough and comprehensive book that early childhood educators will find valuable and inspiring.
Review by: Laura McCammon - October 15, 2003
A Show of Hands is a wonderful resource for teachers, parents and volunteers in early childhood settings. The authors demonstrate clearly how effective puppets can be as a teaching and learning tool for all children, but especially for those with disabilities or who are shy or learning a new language. The book contains usable step-by-step instructions on how to make and use puppets accompanied by excellent pictures and detailed lesson plans. You'll like this book!
Review by: Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld - October 15, 2003
This is a highly informative and very inspirational book packed with practical information and delightful examples of adding puppets to the lives of children. Puppets have enriched the world's culture for thousands of years. Too often, in this high-speed, high-tech planet of ours, it’s easy to forget the simple, joyful, effective ways puppets behave when they're invited into curriculum, classroom management and the vast arena of children's relationships and communication. This excellent resource will make it impossible NOT to add puppets to your classroom roster!
Review by: Marcy Marxer & Cathy Fink - October 15, 2003
A Show of Hands is a marvelous resource. It takes the mystery out of puppetry and puts the magic of puppetry directly in the hands of early childhood professionals, and their students. Once you look at the book, you'll realize you can follow the detailed steps in making puppetry work for you. Ingrid Crepeau and Ann Richards have made a giant contribution to the early childhood classroom with this book. Don't just get it, try it!
Review by: Karen Miller - October 15, 2003
I have always used puppets when I work with children—and adults as well. I can't imagine teaching without one, or several. Puppets are magic in the way they hold the attention of children and draw out their ideas. This book gives a teacher of any age from infants through adults all the information one will ever need to use puppets effectively. It describes different classroom uses for puppets, developmental aspects of puppet uses, how to make many types of puppets and operate them well, even lesson ideas. Unlike other puppetry books I have seen, these authors have actually lived in early childhood classrooms and know how children react. Open this book and get ready for fun!

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