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Aerial Cross


Aerial Cross, MA, has over a decade of experience as an educator in both general and special education classrooms. She presents seminars and workshops for educators throughout New Mexico. Aerial is also the author of Ants in Their Pants: Teaching Children Who Must Move to Learn and Come and Play: Sensory-Integration Strategies for Children with Play Challenges.

Aerial Cross's Books

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  • Ants in Their Pants (e-book): Teaching Children Who Must Move to Learn

    Author: Aerial Cross
    Product Code: 541846
    ISBN: 978-1-60554-184-6

    Description & More Details

    Published by Redleaf Press e-book

    Extra busy children—children who must move to learn—are constantly in motion, driven by insatiable curiosity, and require tactile experiences throughout the day. The kinesthetic nature of extra busy children demands environments, schedules, and guidelines that are different from traditional teaching methods. With consistency and creativity, extra busy children can thrive in the classroom and at home.

    Ants in Their Pants will help educators

    • understand the kinesthetic nature of extra busy children
    • create the best environment for learning and playing
    • incorporate sensory integration activities
    • positively redirect excess energy in a positive direction
    • recognize the importance of proper nutrition and sleeping habits
    • connect with families of extra busy children

    This practical, hands-on resource is filled with transition ideas, sensory play activities, sound advice, and out-of-the-box inspiration—techniques to nurture and support extra busy children that have been successfully used by the author in the classroom and at home with her own extra busy child.

    Age Focus: 3-6. 160 pgs.

  • Come and Play (e-book): Sensory Integration Strategies for Children with Play Challenges

    Author: Aerial Cross
    Product Code: 541778
    ISBN: 978-1-60554-177-8

    Description & More Details

    Published by Redleaf Press e-book

    Promote positive and productive play!

    Play is a powerful and significant part of a child's life and an integral part of children's early growth and development. When children face challenges in play, it is vital that you understand how to address and redirect those challenges.

    Come and Play provides in-depth chapters focusing on five common play challenges—dabbling during play, roaming during play, feeling anxious during play, detaching during play, or being rejected during play—and techniques to intervene when these challenges are observed. Find the tools and strategies you need to support children's overall learning and development, including

    • Background information and key intervention guidelines for each play challenge
    • Imaginative, purposeful activities and ideas to enhance curriculum and play materials
    • Sensory integration play tips from Ms. Lilly, an experienced occupational therapist
    • Individual play plans that illustrate the possible ways each play challenge can be addressed
    Age Focus: 1-8. 224 pgs.

  • Nature Sparks (e-book): Connecting Children's Learning to the Natural World

    Author: Aerial Cross
    Product Code: 541860
    ISBN: 978-1-60554-186-0

    Description & More Details

    Published by Redleaf Press e-book

    Nature profoundly benefits children's growth, health, and development. Extend your classroom outdoors, and you will quickly see how nature enhances the learning process in all academic areas, for all children. Filled with activities and tips, each chapter offers useful strategies and resources to bring out a child's inner nature lover. Nature Sparks helps children explore, respect, and connect with nature through

    • Developmentally appropriate, nature-oriented indoor and outdoor classroom practices, including hands-on learning centers, field trips, nature hikes, and outdoor obstacle courses
    • Special nature play places
    • Sensory-integrated nature activities laced with nature-oriented instructional strategies

    Age Focus: 3-6. 144 pgs.

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