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Sara Wilford, MSEd, MEd


Sara Wilford, MSEd, Med, is Director of Sarah Lawrence College's Art of Teaching Graduate Program. A former nursery school and public primary grades teacher, she joined the Sarah Lawrence College psychology faculty as Director of the Early Childhood Center in 1982, remaining in that position for twenty years and teaching undergraduate courses connecting educational theory and practice. She held the Roy E Larsen Chair of Psychology from 2000 - 2005, and received a Teaching Excellence Award from the Bank of New York. Sara is the recipient of the "2009 Champions for Children Award from the New York State AEYC" and is the author of two previous books, Tough Topics and What You need to Know When Your Child Is Learning to Read.

Sara Wilford, MSEd, MEd's Books

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  • Nurturing Young Children's Disposition to Learn

    Author: Sara Wilford, MSEd, MEd
    Product Code: 150131
    ISBN: 978-1-933653-47-1

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    When young children's learning styles are recognized and nurtured, they are more inclined to develop socially, emotionally, and mentally. Find out how brain research, social issues, and individual dispositions impact children's learning. Gain perspective on the practices used in your school with an examination of classroom ideas inspired by a trip to Reggio Emilia, Italy, early learning standards from the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and how observation and communication skills are essential in building children's unique strengths. With these approaches, you can help your students succeed to their fullest potential. Age Focus: 1-5. Softbound, 176 pgs.

    "Sara Wilford has written a classic! She weaves together theory and practice in a way that makes the reader feel she or he has gleaned a great deal of "take-home value." In my forty-one years as a community college president, I have come to value thinkers like Sara. She is a long-standing distinguished member of Westchester Community College's Early Childhood Curriculum Advisory Committee, so she fully understands our students and our mission, and it comes across clearly in her written work. Nurturing Young Children's Disposition to Learn is a culturally sensitive work, and is particularly relevant to Early Childhood Curriculum and Foundations of Education Courses."
    Joseph N. Hankin, Ph.D., President, Westchester Community College

    "This book offers valuable information for current and future teachers of young children. The author has finally put into words what all great early childhood educators have learned through years of practice: if we want to help children learn and grow into active, motivated, engaged learners, then we must focus on the disposition to learn of the individual child. As a teacher educator and director, I will use this book with college students studying to become teachers, as well, as teachers working every day to build their knowledge, develop skills, and improve their practice."
    Patricia Amanna, Ed.D., Director, The Children's Center at Purchase College, SUNY/Purchase

    "My concern has been that we are accumulating more valuable knowledge than we are using in daily practice; but that research and knowledge about the dispositions of children are held last, least, or not at all. This book makes the latest relevant knowledge from brain research and other sources accessible to parents, teachers and all directly involved in helping children develop and learn. Thus, it is a very important and useful contribution to the literature."
    James P. Comer, M.D., Maurice Falk Professor of Child Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine Founder, Yale Child Study Center School Development Program

    "A Bank Street College alumna twice over, Sara Wilford's perspective on Bank Street's Developmental-Interaction approach is a gratifying testament to her more than 35 years experience in the field of early childhood education. A useful and stimulating addition to the field."
    Augusta Souza Kappner, Ph.D. (who will become President Emerita of Bank Street College in June after 13 years of service)

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