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Abigail Newburger, MA


Abigail Newburger

Abigail Newburger has worked with Head Start for the past twenty-seven years as a teacher, home visitor, peer reviewer, and education consultant. She holds two masters degrees in education and has held officer positions in various National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) affiliates, including the Pennsylvania Association for the Education of Young Children and the Mid-Atlantic Region Association for the Education of Young Children.

Abigail Newburger, MA's Books

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  • Teaching Numeracy, Language, and Literacy with Blocks

    Authors: Abigail Newburger MA, Elizabeth Vaughan PhD
    Product Code: 316601
    ISBN: 978-192961078-5

    Description & More Details

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    Use block play to meet learning standards, develop core skills, and have fun!

    By enhancing the block play in your classroom, you can help children acquire the emerging skills they need -- with numbers, vocabulary, and reading -- for kindergarten readiness. Newburger and Vaughan provide a theoretical foundation describing why and how to use blocks, and give guidance on selecting blocks and block safety.

    With chapters on the seven developmental stages of block building in young children, Teaching Numeracy, Language, and Literacy with Blocks illuminates the learning potential in the common uses of block play, including:

    • constructing doorways and bridges
    • building fences and walls
    • creating patterns with blocks
    • using blocks in make-believe games
    • making known things

    Each chapter includes suggestions on watching and listening; what to say and do; and charts matching behaviors, content, and concepts to academic standards.

    This is a real how-to book you don't need to read from beginning to end. Simply find the chapter that suits your setting or curriculum and tailor it for a perfect fit! Age Focus: 3-6. Softbound, 152 pgs.