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Karen Worth


Karen Worth is a senior scientist at Education Development Center (EDC) and is a graduate level instructor in the early childhood education department at Wheelock College.

Karen Worth's Books

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  • Exploring Water with Young Children Trainer's Guide (e-book )

    Authors: Ingrid Chalufour, Karen Worth
    Product Code: 543246
    ISBN: 978-1-60554-324-6

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    Published by Redleaf Press

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    The trainer's guide serves as an indispensable handbook for introducing staff to the Exploring Water with Young Children curriculum—from planning to implementation. Seven basic and eight advanced workshops outline the curriculum and develop teaching skills for science and inquiry. The guide also includes strategies for supporting teachers through mentoring and guided discussions, as well as detailed charts, forms, and reproducible overheads for extended study and reflection. 232 pgs.

  • Discovering Nature with Young Children (MP4)

    Authors: Karen Worth, Ingrid Chalufour, Education Development Center, Inc.
    Product Code: 546186
    ISBN: 978-1-60554-618-6

    Description & More Details

    Take an in-depth look at the Discovering Nature with this video that includes eight real-life vignettes of the curriculum in use in the classroom.

    You can introduce children to the wonders of science with Discovering Nature With Young Children, a nationally field-tested curriculum funded partly by the National Science Foundation. Rather than focusing on learning facts without direct experience or observing random objects on a table, Discovering Nature makes science the exploration of materials and phenomena. It then gives children opportunities to learn from that experience.

  • Exploring Water with Young Children (MP4)

    Authors: Ingrid Chalufour, Karen Worth, Education Development Center, Inc.
    Product Code: 546193
    ISBN: 978-1-60554-619-3

    Description & More Details

    Water is all around us. In the third component of the Young Scientist Series, teachers learn how to guide children in deepening their understanding of liquids, and water, in particular. Teachers begin by preparing themselves and their classroom for investigations ranging from experimenting at the water table to exploring water in nature. Next, teachers hone their ability to guide children's open and focused explorations of water and its properties, and learn how to best observe, assess, and document learning. Four detailed chapters help children learn important science inquiry skills including questioning, investigating, discussing, and formulating ideas and theories.

    This comprehensive video makes it easy to get teachers started with the Exploring Water with Young Children curriculum. Six basic and eight advanced workshops guide teachers step by step through the curriculum, developing skills in inquiry-based teaching and science education.he full-color video presents eight real-life vignettes of the curriculum in action for observation, reflection, and discussion.

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