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Barbara Plum

Biography: Barbara Plum taught in the ECE Associate Degree Program at the University of Kentucky-Jefferson Community College and facilitated a child development associate (CDA) practicum, working with candidates from Head Start, Even Start, and child care centers. Ms. Plum had a master's degree in early childhood curriculum and instruction from the University of Wisconsin. She is deceased.

Barbara Plum's Books

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  • Transition Magician: Strategies for Guiding Young Children in Early Childhood Programs

    Authors: Nola Larson, Mary Henthorne, Barbara Plum
    Product Code: 302901
    ISBN: 978-093414081-2

    Description & More Details

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    Plan transition times so that children aren't hurting each other, toys aren't left all over the place, and you know where everyone is! This book features more than 200 original learning activities to help guide children through smooth transitions. Softbound, 136 pgs.

    "I feel this book is a wonderful addition to the field. I am aware of nothing like it! It is bursting with creative ideas that have been tested and proven effective. All teachers, novice or seasoned, will find ideas here to brighten their days."
    —Barbara Wolfe, Ph.D., early childhood special education project coordinator, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

    "This book, developed by experienced and creative professionals, is a welcome addition to the field of early childhood. It's packed full of creative ideas for enhancing the quality of services to young children. I highly recommend it to all early childhood teachers and educators. The self-assessment tool will be extremely beneficial to the dedicated professionals who continually strive to improve their service. By utilizing the suggestions given in this book, early childhood teachers will make those first experiences in learning magical for the little ones in our care."
    —Connie Brown, executive director, Hope through Opportunity in Parent-Child Education and Support (HOPES)

    "For years I have relied on finger plays and songs to get children's attention, but these are some really fun, new ideas. As I have used the evaluation tools, suggestions, and guidelines, it is amazing how much easier it is on everyone and how smoothly things flow."
    —Ruth Chvojicek, early childhood teacher, Cooperative Educational Services Agency #5, Portage, Wisconsin

  • Transition Magician Set

    Authors: Nola Larson, Mary Henthorne, Barbara Plum
    Product Code: 414801
    ISBN: 414801

    Description & More Details

    Plan transition times so children aren't hurting each other, toys aren't left all over the place, and you know where everyone is ! This two-volume set features more than 400 original learning activities. Ideas such as Buddy Buckets, Spider Wands, and Pom-Pom Pals make possible silky smooth activity changes. Toddler and special needs activities to complete your program's approach are included.