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Redleaf Complete Forms Kit for Early Childhood Professionals

Redleaf Complete Forms Kit for Early Childhood Professionals

Author: Redleaf Press
Product Code: 103202
ISBN: 978-1-933653-39-6
Format: CD-ROM
CD-ROM $19.95 Qty: 

Keep your business organized and save hours of time! This CD-ROM includes more than 150 child care forms—the most comprehensive and professionally presented forms available. Not only will you find standard forms such as enrollment and emergency authorization, but also forms such as sample press releases and parent program evaluations—all of which can be customized for your specific needs. Enjoy the convenience of completing the forms on your computer and then printing them out, rather than having to fill everything in by hand.

Forms are included for marketing, planning, registration and enrollment, finances, personnel issues, classroom maintenance, parental consent, curriculum, conferences, and health and safety. You must have Microsoft Word installed on your computer in order to use these forms.

Forms in this kit include:

About Your Program
• Mission Statement
• Organizational Chart
• Program Objectives
• Program Philosophy

Child Behavior
• Behavior Guidance, version 1
• Behavior Guidance, version 2
• Behavior Plan
• Behavior Record
• Biting Log
• Quiet Place Log
• Separation from Group
• Separation Log

Child-Family History
• Child-Family History (long form)
• Child-Family History (short form)
• Infant Developmental/Health History
• Preschooler Developmental/Health History
• Toddler Developmental/Health History

Child Reports
• Child Observation Report
• Daily Notes, version 1
• Daily Notes, version 2
• Home Visit Form
• Infant Daily Report, version 1
• Infant Daily Report, version 2
• Infant Daily Report, version 3
• New Child Observation Report
• Potty Chart
• Weekly Child Report

Cleaning, Inspection, Supplies
• Cleaning Checklist
• Cleaning Record
• Closing Checklist
• Daily Hazards Checklist
• Hazard Inspection Record
• Health and Safety Checklist
• Maintenance Needed
• Request for Errand
• Supplies Needed

• 2s Conference Form
• 3s Conference Form
• 4s and 5s Conference Form
• Conference Record
• Conference Request Form
• Conference Summary Sheet
• Infant Conference Form
• PreK Conference Form, version 1
• PreK Conference Form, version 2
• PreK Conference Form, version 3
• PreK Conference Form, version 4
• Toddler Conference Form

Emergency Information
• Child Emergency Information
• Emergency Authorization Form
• Emergency Drill Log

Employees and Subs
• Authorization for Background Study
• Chemical Exposure Agreement
• Child Abuse Reporting Form
• Continuing Education Request
• Continuing Education Review
• Employment Agreement
• Employment Record
• Evaluation
- Asst. Teacher/Aide Evaluation
- Assistant/Aide Self-Evaluation, version 1
- Assistant/Aide Self-Evaluation, version 2
- Attitude Self-Evaluation
- Director Evaluation
- Lesson Evaluation
- Staff Evaluation (long)
- Staff Performance Review
- Staff Relations Self-Reflection
- Teacher Evaluation (long)
- Teacher Evaluation
- Team Self-Evaluation
- Workshop Evaluation
• Forms in Personnel File
• Grievance Form
• Hiring Worksheet
• Infant Staff Classroom Orientation Checklist
• Infectious Disease Agreement
• Interview Questions
• Job Application
• Maternity Agreement
• Offer of Employment
• Orientation Checklist
• Policy Agreement
• PreK/Toddler Staff Classroom Orientation Checklist
• Request for Time Off
• Responsibility Agreement
• Staff Emergency Information
• Staff Medical Form
• Staff Orientation Checklist
• Substitute Provider Information
• Time Card
• Warning Notice

• Enrollment Agreement
• Enrollment Form for Drop-in Care
• Enrollment Form General, version 1
• Enrollment Form General, version 2
• Enrollment Form for Infants
• Enrollment Form for Part-time Child Care
• Enrollment Form for School-age Care
• Pickup Authorization
• Policies Agreement
• Registration Orientation Checklist
• School Information Sheet
• Termination Notice

Field Trips
• Field Trip Form Class
• Field Trip Permission Form
• General Field Trips
• Specific Field Trip

• Advance Payment Agreement for One Week of Care
• Advance Payment Agreement for Last Two Weeks of Care
• Attendance and Payment Record
• Automatic Withdrawal Agreement
• Expense Report
• Late Pickup Fee Due
• Mileage Reimbursement
• Monthly Budget Summary
• Past-Due Payment Plan
• Payments from Parents and Subsidy Programs
• Petty Cash Reimbursement
• Sample Demand Letter
• Scholarship Application
• Termination Payment Plan Agreement
• Tuition Collection
• Tuition Receipt
• Tuition Reminder
• Unpaid Field Trip Fee

Food and Menu
• Daily Food Temperature Log
• Food Allergies and Special Diets Log
• Meal Form
• Weekly Menu
• Year-End Meal Tally

Health and Medicine
• Accident Log
• Communicable Disease Notification Form
• Consent for Release of Health Information
• Drop-off Physical Form
• Health Authorization
• Health Care Referra l
• Health Care Reminder
• Illness Report Log
• Immunization Record Log
• Injury Report Form
• Medication Tracking Form
• Non-Prescription Consent
• Prescription Consent
• Suspected Maltreatment
• Swimming Pool Permission

Marketing Your Program
• Marketing Ideas
• Marketing Plan
• Parent Marketing Questionnaire
• Sample Press Release
• When to Use PSAs and Press Releases

Parent Participation, Sign-in, Evaluation
• Parent Check-in/Check-out Form
• Parent Exit Evaluation
• Parent Participation
• Parent Talent Survey
• Parents Evaluation, version 1
• Parents Evaluation, version 2
• Parents Evaluation, version 3
• Parents Evaluation, version 4
• Parents Evaluation, version 5

Planning, Sample Curriculums, Sample Schedules
• Daily Planning Form
• Director's Long-Range Plan
• Long-range Director Plan
• Long-range Staff Plan
• Sample Daily Schedule
• Sample PreK Daily Schedule
• Sample Procedure Sheet
• Sample School-age Curriculum
• Weekly Planning Form, version 1
• Weekly Planning Form, version 2
• Weekly Planning Form, version 3

• Call Tracking Form
• Choosing Child Care Handout
• Inquiries
• Parent Interview Checklist
• Parents' First Visit
• Preenrollment Center Checklist
• Preenrollment Health Statement (doctor)
• Preenrollment Health Statement (parent)
• Preenrollment Checklist for Parents
• Trial Period Agreement
• Waiting List Confirmation
• Waiting List

Privacy Permission
• Consent to Transfer Records
• Name Release Form
• Permission for Reference
• Photo Permission
• Privacy Permission Agreement

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