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Family Child Care Curriculum

Family Child Care Curriculum:
Teaching Through Quality Care

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Author: Sharon Woodward

Product Code: 327801

ISBN: 978-1-60554-012-2

Softbound $39.95 Qty: 

200 fun and educational activities!

A successful family child care (daycare) program promotes the healthy development of infants, toddlers, and preschool children in a caring, nurturing environment. Enrich your program and support children's early learning with best practices and activities designed specifically for family child care professionals.

Family Child Care Curriculum includes a wealth of creative and inclusive activities that meet age-appropriate developmental objectives. Activities are organized both by age and developmental domain—physical and motor, cognitive, communication and language, and social and emotional—and complement the overall goals of a quality family child care (daycare) program. These activities can be used with multiage groups of children and are easily implemented in your daily routine. This complete curriculum also includes

  • Four developmental milestone charts describing typical development from birth through age five
  • Tips to provide quality learning environments and twenty-nine evaluation questions to improve your program
  • Suggestions to create successful partnerships with families
  • Additional resources to help you develop a well-rounded program, including safety information and daily schedules

Softbound, 304 pgs.

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Showing 1 Review:

by shirley
on 8/10/2011
Great Resource
If you have a Family Child Care business, this is one resource that you will want to have in your professional development resource library. The entire book is fantastically organized into three parts:

1. Understanding The Needs of Children - a very quick rundown of child development in five units
2. The Activities - Four units of activity ideas covering physical and motor, cognitive development, communication and language development, and social/emotional development
3. Your Program and Practices - full of fantastic ideas covering topics like daily schedules, the importance of play, group games and so much more!

My favorite part of the book is part two, as there are activities for ALL age groups and all are very easy to plan and implement and will cover all types of learning styles, attention spans and abilities.

  I found part three a little harder to get through, only because much of it I either already use, or know, having operated my family child care program for two years now, and having been in the field of early childhood education since 1998. However, it was a fantastic review, gave me a few new ideas to try and, in my opinion, a very good resource for any new provider or new graduate of an early childhood education program.

A solid Early Childhood Education resource that is perfect for family child care owners, frontline workers, consultants and agency owners.

I highly recommend this book and give it a huge thumbs up
Review and Rate this Item


Review: The Midwest Book Review- Library Bookwatch October 2010 - October 1, 2010
Good care does more than sustain life, it makes it fourish. "Family Child Care Curriculum: Teacheing Through Quality Care" is a guide for parents and child care specialists designed to help the children under their watch not only be comfortable and happy, but learn and be stimulated for higher education above and beyond just babysitting. Analyzing young development, the importance of family, and creating a positive learning environment, Sharon Woodward promotes over two hundred exercises to help professionals. "Family Child Care Curriculum" is a powerful and useful resource that shouldn't be missed.
Review: February 2011 Book News Inc. - February 1, 2011
Drawing on some 20 years as a family child care licensor, Woodward (IntuiCare Training Institute) offers creative ways for providers to meet age-appropriate developmental objectives for all those in a typical family child care setting. Coverage includes an overview of typical child development, developmental domain, including physical and motor, cognitive, communication and language and emotional as well as guidelines for providers on how to set up their program and evaluation practices. Tops include identifying learning objectives and choosing activities to support and challege each child. Over 200 sample learning activies organized by learning domain are included. The volume also contains additional information applicable to all age groups, including using computers with children, having pets in your home, caring for children with allergies, and safety considerations, as well as additional book and web resources. (Annotation 2011 Book News Inc. Portland, OR)

The Redleaf Family Child Care Curriculum is approved curriculum for the Delaware Stars and New York Quality Stars programs

We are currently working for approval in your state too! See how the Redleaf Family Child Care Curriculum aligns with your state's requirements, below.

Alignment documentation for Alabama

Alignment documentation for Ohio

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