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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET 10  •  Making Things Happen with Machines I have yet to meet a child who did not enjoy pushing buttons in an eleva- tor. In child development circles, the concept is called “cause and effect.” Children want to shake things up and make things happen. They figure out very quickly that buttons, machines, and technology are the way to go. By “machines” I mean all machines: simple nonmotorized machines such as bikes, machines with ordinary motors such as remote-control toy trucks and cars, and machines with computer chips and screens—sophisticated computers and other electronic devices, such as iPads and cell phones.   I use the word “machines” here because so many parents are terrified of “technology.” We are afraid of all these devices that we love to use but don’t fully understand, the devices that are going to take over our children’s minds and turn them into robotic zombies. In chapter 10, I’ll remind you that you are in control of what happens in your home and can make reasoned and informed choices about what machines your children play with. From chil- dren’s perspective, the appeal of playing with machines is not going away anytime soon. We just need to make sure they’re pushing the right buttons. Learning How to Play One of my favorite quotes from pediatrician and author T. Berry Brazelton is, “Parents need to understand that they can relax and have fun, because the baby will teach them how to become a parent” (NPR 2013). I so agree. Parents, your children will teach you how to play, a process that will bring you great joy. Ready? Set. Go! 10  …  Introduction COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL