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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Acknowledgments This book, like any, was not a project completed in isolation. Many kudos, thanks, and champagne toasts are due to the following people for making this book a reality: To Kyra Ostendorf, David Heath, Ashley Robinson, Alyssa Lochner, and the rest of the team at Redleaf Press for giving me the opportunity to do this crazy thing in the first place. To my editor, Danny Miller, and the rest of the editorial staff at Redleaf Press for keeping this book a reasonable length by keeping me concise and to the point, and for giving me thoughtful and help- ful suggestions for how to make this book better along the way. To my research heroes: Kathleen Thomas, Herb Pick, Ann Masten, Karen Cadigan, Rebecca Shlafer, Cathy Jordan, and so many others who have all inspired me through their passion and commitment to more deeply understanding the complex lives of children and families. To my colleagues at University of Minnesota Extension and the Children, Youth and Fam- ily Consortium for encouraging me to take on this challenge. To Shawn Dobbins, who made sure I got the best out of the deal before I even began to write. To Mike Oria, who let me share his beautiful images throughout this book. (See more of Mike’s great work here: To Dave, Dana, Isaac, and Abigail, who let me capture the beautiful simple moments of relationships in your family to share with others. To the many care providers, professionals, and practitioners who shared their volumes of expertise on what it’s like in the real world. Many of the prac- tical suggestions in this book came from them. Thanks to Michele, Kamyala, Molly, and Rosemary for agreeing to talk freely about the incredible work that you do every day. Thanks to R. D., D. C., G. W., K. G., A. P., M. M., L. D., R. R., and I. T., whose stories helped pull me out of “researcher” mode and reminded me of the real children experiencing adversity every day. Special thanks to Stacey Bellows for talking me through what it’s really like to be a ix COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL