DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET A Teacher’s PROMISE Written by Rachel Robertson Illustrated by Priscilla Prentice COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM In every classroom one person is there to show you the way with kindness and care. PHONE OR TABLET A person who wants to know all about you— the things that you like, the things that you do. MATERIAL DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM I bet you don’t know who that person could be. PHONE OR TABLET MATERIAL That person’s your teacher. That person is me! DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM My job is to teach you and help you to grow, To show you new things to learn and to know. PHONE OR TABLET I’ll help you discover. I’ll help you explore. We’ll learn all you want to—and then we’ll learn more! MATERIAL DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM We’ll find what you’re good at And what you like best. We’ll try new ideas, put them all to the test. PHONE OR TABLET We’ll dream great big dreams And we’ll think great big thoughts. We’ll wonder and ponder and marvel a lot. MATERIAL DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM So no matter how well we’re getting things done, We’ll grin ear to ear and have oodles of fun! PHONE OR TABLET There’s so much to do, and to be, and to see— What an adventure for you and for me! MATERIAL