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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Time to Reflect Think of a fun play experience you had when you were a young child, then answer the following questions: Where were you playing? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ What were you playing? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ What toys were you playing with? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Were you alone or with other children? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ What made it especially fun for you? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ I remember playing with a group of stuffed animals. I often played alone because I was the oldest child and didn’t have siblings until I was five years old. These stuffed animals became my friends, and I made up story after story about their adventures. They talked to each other and probably fought. I often gath- ered them around me and showed them my Golden Books. I smile even now as I think of a particular bear, my favorite. —Sandy I particularly liked playing pretend. I liked to play store and school and college. (Yeah, that one was kind of weird. I wonder where we even got the idea for that one.) I think my favorite part was setting up the staging area. I liked to have my own space, such as a store or classroom or dorm room. And I liked to very care- fully arrange all my pretend possessions in the space. In the winter, my friends and I would even play house in the snow. We would build walls with little nooks to hold certain items like pinecones. —Marcia Remembering Your Play Experiences | 11  COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL