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EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET The ® Handbook T he Ooey Gooey ® Handbook is a MUST READ for anyone who spends time with children. Preschool teachers, family child care providers, playgroup leaders, parents , and grandparents alike will all benefit from the ideas, suggestions, tips , and inspiration contained within The Ooey Gooey ® Handbook. v O e n r ds 6 -o 5 t n side play a ou h nd creating nce , a t r a , sci i e ty ideas fo m r ents both activ ing environ nd at engag at home o a ol! sch In addition to being a dynamic and passionate speaker, Lisa Murphy has the ability to refuel parents and teachers with the energy they need to return to their homes and classrooms and do what is right for the children. Lisa’ s current project is assisting educators in linking hands-on, play-based programs to the educational requirements in various states. She is committed to showing parents and teachers how playing is “getting them ready” for school! Lisa has recently moved to upstate New York with her husband Tom and their dog Otis. They live in a magical old farm house and continue to conduct grand gooey experiments in their kitchen and barn! This is Lisa ’ s first book. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL ISBN 978-1-60554-379-6 $19.95