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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET COZY SPOTS You Need: Tables with sheets over them Cardboard boxes Pillows and old sheets A squared off corner Directions: Use available objects and materials to assist you in creating a cozy spot, nook or cranny for the children within your environment. The children will often times create them themselves. Allow them. Refueling Time Taking a “Break” Cozy Corners Where “You Can’t See Me!” (But You Can!) Socialization Language Development Helpful Hint: Don’t save these forts and secret hiding spots for rainy days! Have cozy spots available for the children all the time. Solicit ideas and suggestions from the children too! Our book area is by an old wooden crate. The crate is filled with pillows and covered with an old quilt. Quite cozy indeed! COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL 59